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Issues of Safety drove me to find a better alternative to public school.

I never considered myself a candidate to running a homeschool.  My wife and I had been concerned over safety issues with public school (mostly violence).  With 2020, and COVID-19, we had new concerns.  After considerable research, I found several online curriculum that worked so well, my son finished a full year of 3rd grade math and language in 2 months.  His learning is off the charts, his confidence is better and his safety is better regulated.  Running a homeschool has its challenges, and that’s why I put this site together – to offer help and advice to other parents considering homeschooling.

Learning At Home

The public school system can’t tailor make educational opportunities for your kids.  Homeschool affords an opportunity for parents to hand tailor curriculum to their needs.  Below are a few benefit to homeschooling.

Math at his level

My son is able to accomplish more in math, at a greater degree than he ever could in public school (advancing a whole grade in 2 months).

English Language

Like Math, my son went from ending 2nd grade, to completing 3rd grade and most of 4th grade, in less than 2 months.


Kids love science.  Buying a microscope with cell phone attachment is a great investment for learning.

Foreign Language

My son has shown an interest in Japanese (through Anime). I’ve started a curriculum for him to learn Japanese at home.

Social Studies

We can learn about subjects not taught in school, such as Native American history, Knights Templar, Shintoism, and more.

Family Time

Homeschool with family, can be challenging for kids, but it affords them a better family experience with the parents.

Computer / IT

Kids Learn Tech Easily

I’ve always been big on having my son work with new technology.  This has sparked an interest in him with writing code to make games, build electronics with Raspberry Pi and Arduino and so on.  

Beyond the hardware, software is an instant result to input.  Working with websites, kids learn how to operate UI, even surpassing their own parents.  

Home Events

Outings that a school just can’t afford.

Public schools simply don’t have the capacity to support really nice outings.  As a parent, a child can be given an outing to see first hand something they are learning about.  Whether it’s a trip to France to visit the catacombs, or a visit to the local museums, homeschool is a great opportunity to experiencing their learning directly.

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