Where to get Great Resources.

Finding online resources for online grade school isn’t as easy as you might think.  There are dozens of well advertised systems that offer very little, and in the end, they will discourage both the student and the parent.  

Starting off right is paramount.  Don’t give up. If one system doesn’t work for you, try another.  Maybe you’re like me, and turned off on religious based schools (which most homeschool systems are Christian educational systems).  I was able to find great online curriculums that were either non-religious, or the religious aspect was downplayed.

Khan Academy

It’s free, it’s open minded and not specific to a religious flavor.  However it lacks grade specific curriculum for several classes. is awesome. Although they have a religious component, it is optional and doesn’t color the coursework. They have a great curriculum for different grades in all subjects.  They even teach latin, greek and Chinese.

Aleks is by far the best Math system I have found.  I had used the system for a supplemental college math course, and then rediscovered it on a review at secular homeschool.

Secular Homeschool

If you’re interested in secular homeschooling, considering checking out the site linked below for reviews on secular systems. That’s where I discovered Aleks.