For many years now, Khan Academy has held a powerful position in FREE online learning for children. I can recall using Khan Academy several years ago and I thought it was cumbersome. With the current situation with COVID-19, I decided to revisit the product and found it very refreshing.

Khan Academy is certainly one of the best options out there for learning… and I’d list it as the best solution except for one limitation: a lack of grade specific material.

What I mean by a lack of grade specific material, is that most of the content on Khan Academy is not broken into grade levels. Math and Reading are the only two grade specific course material.

Science, Arts, Social Sciences and Economics are all focused on older children, potentially High School aged kids. My 8 year old, who’s entering 3rd grade, attempted some material on US History through Khan Academy, but sadly it was just too advanced.

US History is a great example of a topic that should have grade specific versions. 3rd, 4th, 5th grade, these all discuss World and US History. Sadly, Khan Academy just doesn’t handle that well.

While Khan Academy has one of the best learning systems around, it won’t work for younger children in lower grades.


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