My Story

Homeschool in the Age of COVID-19

Prior to 2020, I had thought about homeschool, but was too uncertain about how to start. During COVID-19, my son was doing remote school for the last month of his school year. I saw how the teacher wasn’t teaching. She was simply giving tasks to her students and telling them to “read an article,” “watch a video” or get this, “do this on Khan Academy.”  

I realized that my son’s teacher was so hands off, that she wasn’t even teaching. Sometimes she assigned work that unrelated questions.  

While my son had some great experiences with school, including some amazing teachers (such as his 1st grade teacher), I realized that I could fill in the role as his current teacher and do a better job.  

I also was hesitant with sending my son back to public grade school. Regardless how you feel about COVID-19, the reality is that schools are relating to it in a very chaotic way. Random days for remote school, random days for onsite school… Wear masks in one place, but not another, and so on. I decided it was best to care for my son’s safety at home and give him a better education in the process.

I treated my son like a worker at my job. Using online tools (like ClickUp) I assigned him tasks and monitored his progress. Researching for great curriculums, I found great one’s online.

My story started with a concern over safety and ended with a better, strong educational system through homeschooling.

Better Safety

No worries about school violence, or health hazards with something like COVID19.

Better Education

Kids learn better with tailored instruction.  Competition can still be maintained through online curriculums.

Better Diversity

Rather than state standards, you can go beyond the state requirements to also teach Native American studies, Black History, other religions, and so on.

Better exerpiences

Public schools have limited budgets, which offer limited outings and experiences.  As a parent you can take your child to locations a public school just can’t afford.